Mixtape Sessions

You can learn directly from Scott and other leading researchers in the field! Mixtape Sessions is our company that offers intensive causal-inference mixtape sessions year-round. We have our flagship Causal Inference 1 and 2 “Mixtape Sessions” which teach the contents of this book and aims to introduce people to causal inference methods. We also have shorter “Mixtape Tracks” taught by leading researchers which dive into more advanced methods such as a deep dive into IV and Shift-Share IV taught by Peter Hull, Advanced Difference-in-Differences taught by Jonathan Roth, a course on Machine Learning and Causal Inference and Heterogeneous Effects taught by Brigham Frandsen, a course on Synthetic Control and Clustering taught by Alberto Abadie, and a course “hidden curriculum” of Doing Applied Research by Dan Rees and Mark Anderson.

Each course contains a mix of slides and coding labs intended to allow students to get their hands dirty tryng out methods.

A complete set of slides with visuals, motivating examples, and intuitive explanations we’ve created over hundreds of hours of teaching this material.

Problem sets to help build intuition and coding skills. Each problem set comes with a set of solutions in R and Stata.

For select topics, we have created interactive applications that allow students to explore complicated topics and build intuition.